The garden is ready to plant.

The August Garden

The spring/summer gardening season has come to a close for another year. and it's time to turn our attentions elseware, but not for long. the time will go by quickly and in a few weeks the temperatures will begin to cool again. The compost pile is doing it’s thing, and I’m looking over my notes from this past season..

I like to cover the vegetable gardenwith black plastic mulch for the summer. It heats up the soil, killing pests and weed seeds. Before covering it, I add compost and some organic fertilizers that take a long time to break down. This will also make it easier to work in a couple of months from now.

Since it is the end of the planting season for most of the country, seed companies are offering some nice bargains. You can order the seeds now and keep the seed packets in your refrigerator until you are ready to plant. Here is a list of seed companies you might like to check out.

Rain Collectors

Rain colectors are now availble at the market.

Now available at Southwest Ranches Farmer's Market. Save on your water bill while being environmentally friendly. These 50 gallon containers will collect and hold rainwater for later use in your garden. They come complete with a locking lid, a mosquito screen, hose connector and overflow hose.