Pinapple plant growing in the garden.


The April Garden


April is the last call to plant warm season crops for summer harvest. By then end of June out gardening season is over until September. Continue planting warm season crops such as eggplant, beans, sweet potatoes, southern peas and summer squash. It’s been another good year for rain, not too little and not too much. Vegetable crops need 1 -2 inches of water each week and container plants may need to be watered every day, so you’ll need to monitor the soil. Push your finger into the soil about 1 inch. If the soil is moist there is no need to water. Think about installing a drip irrigation system if you don’t have one. It delivers water directly where it is needed with very little waste. Keep an eye out for garden pests. At the moment there is very little activity but that will change soon.

Rain Collectors

Rain colectors are now availble at the market.

Now available at Southwest Ranches Farmer's Market. Save on your water bill while being environmentally friendly. These 50 gallon containers will collect and hold rainwater for later use in your garden. They come complete with a locking lid, a mosquito screen, hose connector and overflow hose.

The Edible Garden

A serpantine border of colorful lettuce.

Lettuce, anyone?