The garden is ready to plant.


The November Garden


Another season has come to a close for us here at the market. and while we clean up the garden debris we thought this would be a good time to discuss composting. We all know that composting is a great way to put much needed nutrients back in the soil, by gathering up garden debris and turning into gardener's gold, but what about your kitchen garbage? Both Seattle and San Francisco have actually instituted city wide composting and pick up the kitchen waste of its residents along with other garbage.

According to the USDA, Americans throw away 31% of the food they buy. All those vegetable trimmings are loaded with nutrients that could be returned to the soil. Bagged lettuce , bruised fruit, shells, and even stale bread can be relegated to the compost pile, to return their nutrients to the garden. The only things that need to be avoided include meat products and manure from carnivores.

We are so price sensitive when it comes to buying food, but in the kitchen we throw out and awful lot of what we buy. Even if growing vegetables is not your thing, composting kitchen garbage will pay off with stronger plants, and less money spent on expensive fertilizers.

Rain Collectors

Rain colectors are now availble at the market.

Now available at Southwest Ranches Farmer's Market. Save on your water bill while being environmentally friendly. These 50 gallon containers will collect and hold rainwater for later use in your garden. They come complete with a locking lid, a mosquito screen, hose connector and overflow hose.

The Edible Garden

A serpantine border of colorful lettuce.

Lettuce, anyone?