The December Garden


The cooler weather is great for plants. The plants are healthier and pest free. This year we have expanded the garden, and in an effort to bring you new taste treats, we have decided to concentrate on heirlooms. We’ve planted many old, rare varieties, including 18 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, with names like black sea man, Beams yellow pear, lemon drop, cream sausage, and Austin’s red pear. We’ve also planted heirloom lettuce, onions, kale, beets, swiss chard, beans, and bok choy with names like Susan’s red bib, Grandpa Admires lettuce

Harvesting begins very soon, so stop by and try something old, that is new again.

Rain Collectors

Rain colectors are now availble at the market.

Now available at Southwest Ranches Farmer's Market. Save on your water bill while being environmentally friendly. These 50 gallon containers will collect and hold rainwater for later use in your garden. They come complete with a locking lid, a mosquito screen, hose connector and overflow hose.