The value of bottled water is starting to come into question by those who consider themselves environmentally conscious. With large numbers of clear plastic bottles heading to landfills, bottled water drinkers are now thinking about the petroleum used to make those bottles and get the water to the consumer.

Every year 2.7million tons of plastic are made into water bottles, consuming 17 million barrels of oil. That's enough petroleum to power 1 million cars for a year.

To help put an end to bottled water we now carry the Air2Water Dolphin 1 atmospheric water generator. It extracts drinking water from the air, generating up to 7 gallons of clean drinking water every day, while creating an indoor environment that is cleaner and more comfortable. This is a great machine.

The Air2Water generator first pulls air through an electrostatic filter that removes 93% of all airborne particles. It collects water drops into a collection tray which is immediately treated by unltraviolet (UV) light killing germs and bacteria in the water. The water is then pumped through a series of filters and a 2nd dose of UV light prior to being dispensed. In addition the water that is generated is frequently recirculated through the filtration system and UV to maintain its quality.

The Air2Water water generator is compact, quiet and dependable, requiring very little maintenance and will produce up to 7 gallons of pure water every 24 hours. The Dolphin 1 model dispenses both hot and cold water and features an easy to read LCD display. The hot and cold water tanks use the latest coil technology using less energy to provide you with great quality hot and cold water.

Stop my the market to see this machine and sample the water. You'll know why this machine excites us. Besides, the water is on us.

Air2Water atmospheric water generator